Grant Funding Bodies

The Trust gratefully acknowledges the considerable financial support provided by the following organizations in the building and fitting out of our museum.

Museum Object Sponsorship Scheme

The Narrow Gauge Railway Museum offers the opportunity to sponsor items in the Museum at Tywyn in the name of your Company or Organisation as an individual or as a memorial of a loved one.

£100 gives you the opportunity to sponsor one of our large range of unique and interesting nameplates or works plates or other smaller object that catches your attention.
£250 would cover sponsorship of one of our preserved and restored wagons including some of the oldest items in our collection or one of the signals from Wales, Ireland, Isle of Man or England.
£1000 secures sponsorship of one of the limited number of locomotives or other large items in the collection.

Every sponsor receives a certificate and picture of the item sponsored and all the names are recorded in the museum and may be publicised or kept confidential according to your wishes. In addition you will have the knowledge that you have a share in the display of one of the most comprehensive displays of narrow gauge railway equipment in one place.
Every major sponsor will be entitled to use the museum once a year for a corporate event or advertising session free of charge.

All sponsorship is offered on a first come, first served basis and is guaranteed for ten years.

For more details or to make enquiries please contact The Secretary, Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Trust, Wharf Station, TYWYN, Gwynedd LL36 9EY or e-mail: curator@ngrm.org.uk