Support Collection

The Support Collection contains additional material and books which provide further details on railways in general.


Collection Objects

Record numberObject simple nameBrief DescriptionImage
TYWRM:SUP001paintingoil painting of Abergynolwyn Winding House
file TEMP003.jpg
TYWRM:SUP002lampoil lamp previously displayed with TR041
file TEMP019.jpg
TYWRM:SUP003.1patternwooden pattern for Giesl Ejector
file TEMP040.jpg
TYWRM:SUP003.2patternwooden pattern for Giesl Ejector chimney
file TEMP040.jpg
TYWRM:SUP004signal discspare disc for Festiniog Railway signal
file TEMP047.jpg
TYWRM:SUP005signal crankGreat Western Railway signal cable crank
file TEMP052.jpg
TYWRM:SUP006bracketsthree wrought iron lamp brackets
file TEMP054.jpg
TYWRM:SUP007framewrought iron hanging lamp frame
file TEMP055.jpg
TYWRM:SUP008bracketcast iron bench (?) bracket with monogram "CLC" or "LCC"
file TEMP056.jpg
TYWRM:SUP009firebarsfour locomotive firebars
file TEMP058.jpg
TYWRM:SUP010wagon brake leverwagon brake lever (not TR type)
file TEMP059.jpg
TYWRM:SUP011modelmodel, cased, of Abergynolwyn Incline and Winding House
file TEMP068.jpg
TYWRM:SUP012plaquecommemorative plaque for Museum Extension Opening 15th
June 1967

file TEMP072.jpg
TYWRM:SUP013plaquecommemorative plaque for Museum Opening 26th September

file TEMP065.jpg
TYWRM:SUP014telephonewall type telephone, GPO pattern
file TEMP075.jpg
TYWRM:SUP015telephonewall type telephone and bell
file TEMP076.jpg
TYWRM:SUP016token loopstaff token loop, leather
file TEMP077.jpg
TYWRM:SUP017rails4no lengths 50lb/yd bullhead rail, ex-Penrhyn Quarry

file SUP017.jpg
TYWRM:SUP018chairs15no cast iron chairs for 50lb/yd bullhead rail,
ex-Penrhyn Quarry Railway. 2-hole 1887 pattern.

file SUP018.jpg
TYWRM:SUP019chairs8no cast iron chairs, S-base, for double ended rail, ex-
Festiniog Railway.

file SUP019.jpg
TYWRM:SUP020recordgramophone record, 45rpm vinyl, extended play; "Trains on
the Narrow gauge" by Argo Transacord. Includes sounds of
Talyllyn Railway, Welshpool and Llanfair, Vale of Reheidol,
Ravenglass and Eskdale, Festiniog and Romney, Hythe and

file SUP020.jpg
TYWRM:SUP021recordgramophone record, 7inch long playing; "Festiniog Railway"
by Bill Hartley Productions Ltd (for the Festiniog Railway)

file SUP021.jpg
TYWRM:SUP022recordgramophone record, 45rpm extended play; "Great Little
Trains of Wales" The Hennessys (Folk Singing Duo) by Sain
(Recordiau) Cyf of Cardiff

file SUP022.jpg
TYWRM:SUP023headboardheadboard used on Museum 50th Anniversary Special 6 May

file SUP023.jpg
TYWRM:SUP024nameplateNameplate "Irish Pete" made for possible use on TR loco No

TYWRM:SUP025nameplateNameplate "Tom Rolt". Similar plate in use on TR loco No 7
TYWRM:SUP026plaquecommemorative plaque for Museum 50th anniversary

file SUP026.jpg
TYWRM:SUP027plaquecommemorative Founders plaque for Museum 50th anniversary

file SUP027.jpg
TYWRM:SUP028rail chairfound on Wharf edge sidings 2006, marked M & M
TYWRM:SUP029brickfound in Wharf building
TYWRM:SUP030lettersS Baillie Reynolds correspondence
TYWRM:SUP031letterW Awdry Impressions of Talyllyn Railway 1952
TYWRM:SUP032nameplateNetherton nameplate from standard gauge Manning Wardle
1603 of 1903, 0-6-0 saddle tank locomotive which was
scrapped in June 1952 at Rossett Sand and Gravel Ltd, near

file SUP032.jpg
TYWRM:SUP033safety valvesafety valve easing lever with lead seals
TYWRM:SUP034headboardheadboard used on Museum 40th Anniversary Special 1996
file SUP034.jpg
TYWRM:SUP035headboardheadboard used 100th annnivesary of Jubilee 1897
file SUP035.jpg
TYWRM:SUP036pointpoint reputedly from arthog quarry
TYWRM:SUP037videotapetape "Douglas" the Calshot Express 14.4.96 The Day Return.
TYWRM:SUP038magazinesMeccano Magazines Mar 1958 and Oct 1963
TYWRM:SUP039headboardTR "Night Mail" Headboard
file SUP039.jpg
TYWRM:SUP040headboardTR "Railway Letter Service 50th Anniversary" Headboard
file SUP040.jpg
TYWRM:SUP041posterPost Office 20p stamp featuring TR Loco 2 large mounted

TYWRM:SUP043bookTickets of the Welsh Highland Railway
TYWRM:SUP044track componentsPentewan Rail and Chair
TYWRM:SUP046ticket issuing machineAlmex Ticket Machine
TYWRM:SUP047videotapevideotape "Rock and Roll Engine"
TYWRM:SUP048recordLP Record "Non Stop Talyllyn"
TYWRM:SUP049ephemeraCollection of railway books & ephemera
TYWRM:SUP050recordRecord "Ryan" by Ryan Davies, contains track "Reilffordd

Gift pack of stamps issued by Irish post office
illustrating narrow gauge ralways

TYWRM:SUP052displayDisplay material for 2008 temporary Welsh Highland

TYWRM:SUP053manualCollection of copies of manuals etc. relating to Simplex
Locomotives and Dorman engines

TYWRM:SUP054posterposter for excursion from Duffws etc to Towyn 12 Sept 1890
file SUP054.jpg
TYWRM:SUP055bookTalyllyn Railway Rules and Regulations 1881 (reproduction)
TYWRM:SUP056bookRECATALOGUED AS TR100 03.10.2009
TYWRM:SUP057bookCollection of books and papers by L T C Rolt. For
individual listing see SUP081 et. seq.

TYWRM:SUP058bookReprint of original booklet published by L Cozens on
Corris Ry

TYWRM:SUP059video recordingVideo of rededication of Rev W Awdry's Behtlehem Cross on
VHS and CD

TYWRM:SUP060ticketsScans of Ashover Light Railway tickets and associated

TYWRM:SUP061ticketsScans of Cavan and Leitrim Railway tickets and associated

TYWRM:SUP062letterCopy of letter from Tom Rolt calling meeting on 11 Oct
1950 which led to founding of TRPS

TYWRM:SUP063drawingCopy of drawing by Sir Clough Williams-Eliis of his
proposal for a "terminous" at Nant Gwernol

TYWRM:SUP064posterCopy of list of tolls for Surrey Iron Railway
TYWRM:SUP065timetableFacsimile of Ashover Light Railway pocket timetable card
August 20 1925 until further notice

file SUP065-1.jpg
TYWRM:SUP066bookguide to various locomotives, carriages, etc.
TYWRM:SUP067bookAlbum of N Wales slate quarry remeniscences (illus)
TYWRM:SUP068photograph5 photographs of Crich Mineral Railway
TYWRM:SUP069photographOfficial LandYR postcard of 18 inch gauge locomotive "Dot"
at Horwich Works hauling a boiler

TYWRM:SUP070recordingRev Awdry reading his stories
TYWRM:SUP071bookAlbum of TR Postcards
TYWRM:SUP072bookSpare Parts Catalogue - Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co.
Ltd, circa 1920s

TYWRM:SUP073bookCaledonia Fireless Locomotives - Andrew Barclay, Sons
& Co. Ltd, circa 1920s

TYWRM:SUP074bookAndrew Barclay, Sons & Co. Ltd, brochures for exhaust
gas boiler, winding engine controls and brakes, and
compressed air hammer

TYWRM:SUP075bookBooklet produced by the GWR in 1924 describing the Narrow
Gauge Railways

file SUP075.jpg
TYWRM:SUP076postage stampLimited edition presentation sheet of 10 postage stamps
for the Great Little Trains of Wales

file SUP076.jpg
TYWRM:SUP077plateDavies and Metcalfe Ltd Centenary Plate 1978
file SUP077A.jpg
TYWRM:SUP078plateDavies and Metcalfe Ltd 110 Year Anniversary Plate 1988
file SUP078A.jpg
TYWRM:SUP079signLNER Weigh Office door plate
file SUP079.jpg
TYWRM:SUP080ticket rackPortable ticket rack, used on the Talyllyn Railway in the
early 1960s for the issue of supplementary fare tickets

file SUP080.jpg
TYWRM:SUP081bookNarrow Boat (A voyage through 400 miles of canals in the
Midlands) by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP082bookHigh Horse Riderless by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP083bookGreen and Silver (A voyage through the inland waterways of
Ireland 946) by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP084bookWorcester (The Country Books) by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP085bookHorseless Carriage: The Motor-Car in England by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP086bookThe Inland Waterways of England by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP087bookThe Thames: From Mouth to Source by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP088bookLines of Character by L T C Rolt & P B Whitehouse
TYWRM:SUP089bookRailway Adventure (A history of the Talyllyn Railway
Preservation Society) by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP090bookWinterstoke by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP091bookThe Clouded Mirror (Four Essays) by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP092bookRed for Danger: A history of Railway Accidents and Railway
Safety Procedures by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP093bookMotor Cars ('How Things Developed' Series) by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP094bookInland Waterways ('How Things Developed' Series) by L T C

TYWRM:SUP095bookLook at Railways ('Look Book' Series) by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP096bookLook at Canals ('Look Book' Series) by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP097bookInside a Motor Car by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP098bookMotoring History by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP099bookPatrick Stirling's Locomotives by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP100bookTools for the Job: A Short History of Machine Tools by L T
C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP101bookThe Aeronauts: A History of Ballooning 1783-1903 by L T C

TYWRM:SUP102bookTransport and Communications by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP103bookRailway Engineering by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP104bookLook at Railways ('Look Book' Series) by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP105bookNavigable Waterways by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP106bookVictorian Engineering by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP107bookLandscape with Machines: an Autobiography by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP108bookThe Making of a Railway by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP109bookTalyllyn Adventure by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP110bookMotoring: A Pictorial History of the First 150 Years by L
T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP111bookThe Potter's Field: A History of the south Devon Ball Clay
Industry by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP112bookSleep no More: Railway, Canal and other Stories of the
Supernatural by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP113bookFrom Sea to Sea: The Canal du Midi by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP114bookThe Steam Engine of Thomas Newcomen by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP115bookLandscape with Canals: An Autobiography by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP116bookRed Danger: A History of Railway Accidents and Railway
Safety 3rd Edition by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP117bookLandscape with Figures: The Final Part of his
Autobiography by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP118bookIsambard Kingdom Brunel: A Biography by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP119bookThomas Telford by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP120bookThe Cornish Giant: The Story of Richard Trevithick, Father
of the Steam Locomotive by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP121bookGeorge and Robert Stephenson: The Railway Revolution by L
T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP122bookGreat Engineers by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP123bookJames Watt by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP124bookThomas Newcomen: The Prehistory of the Steam Engine by L T
C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP125bookThe Story of Brunel by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP126bookHolloways of Millbank: The first Seventy-Five Years by L T
C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP127bookMariners' Market: Burnyeat Ltd., Growth over a Century by
L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP128bookThe Dowty Story by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP129bookA Hunslet Hundred: One Hundred Year of Locomotive Building
by the Hunslet Engine Company by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP130bookThe Mechanicals: Progress of a Profession by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP131bookWaterloo Works: A History of Taskers of andover 1809-1968
by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP132bookThe Dowty Story, Part Two 1961-1971 by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP133bookTalyllyn Century: The Talyllyn Railway 1865-1965 edited by
L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP134bookBest Railway Stories edited by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP135bookletInland Waterways [Report] by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP136bookletTransport Treasures: Some Historical Relics of British
Transport by L T C Rolt (2 copies)

TYWRM:SUP137catologueThe Motor Car: An Exhibition of Books by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP138bookletThe Railway Museum, York: The background story of the
Exhibits by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP139bookletThe Great Western Railway Museum, Swindon by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP140bookAlec's Adventures in Railwayland by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP141brochureThe Tyne Tunnel by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP142bookletThe Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors Golden
Jubilee 1919-1969 by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP143bookletThe Severn Bridge: The Story of its History and
Construction by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP144bookletMersey Tunnel 2: The Story of the Second Mersy Tunnel and
Approach Roads by L T C Rolt

TYWRM:SUP145bookHolidays and Happy Days edited by O Blakeston
TYWRM:SUP146bookThe Saturday Book, no.13 edited by J Hadfield
TYWRM:SUP147bookThe Saturday Book, no.14 edited by J Hadfield
TYWRM:SUP148bookThe Saturday Book, no.15 edited by J Hadfield
TYWRM:SUP149bookThe Saturday Book, no.16 edited by J Hadfield
TYWRM:SUP150bookThe Saturday Book, no.20 edited by J Hadfield
TYWRM:SUP151bookThe Saturday Book, no.30 edited by J Hadfield
TYWRM:SUP152bookThe Small Farmer: A Survey by Various Hands edited by H J

TYWRM:SUP153bookThe Railways-Lover's Companion edited by B Morgan
TYWRM:SUP154bookTrains 'Sixty-eight' edited by J B Snell
TYWRM:SUP155pamphletSteam Alive!edited by P B Whitehouse
TYWRM:SUP156bookA Company's Story in its Setting: Samuel Williams &
Sons 1855-1955

TYWRM:SUP157periodical"Forgotten Waterways" by L T C Rolt from 'The Motor Boat
and Yachting"

TYWRM:SUP158periodical"Adventures on the Stratford Canal" by L T C Rolt from
'The Motor Boat and Yachting'

TYWRM:SUP159reviewsReviews published in the Birmingham Post and reprinted in
the Journal od the Stephenson Locomotive Society

TYWRM:SUP160periodical"Thomas Newcomen: The Birth of the Steam Engine" by L T C
Rolt from 'The Engineer'

TYWRM:SUP161reviewReview of T Coleman "The Railway Navvies" by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP162brochure"150 Years" by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP163periodical"The History of the History of Engineering" by L T C Rolt
from 'Transactions of the Newcomen Society 42

TYWRM:SUP164reviewReview of B Ingis 'Poverty and the Industrial Revolution'
by L T C Rolt in the Birmingham Post

TYWRM:SUP165periodical"The Development of Machine Tools" by L T C Rolt in
'History Today'

TYWRM:SUP166periodical"Saved from the Axe" by L T C Rolt from 'Argus 23'
TYWRM:SUP167articlesA series of 9 short articles surveying recent publications
published in 'The Countryman' between Autumn 1968 and Winter

TYWRM:SUP168bookThe London and North Western Railway by C C Dorman
TYWRM:SUP169bookA Life on the Humber: Keeling and Shipbuilding by H

TYWRM:SUP170bookThe Two James's and the Two Stephensons; or The Earliest
History of passanger Transit on Railways by E M S Paine

TYWRM:SUP171bookPainted Engines by J H Russel
TYWRM:SUP172bookLives of the engineers (2 volumes) by S Smiles
TYWRM:SUP173bookThe Flower of Gloster by E Temple Thurston
TYWRM:SUP174pamphletThe Caldon Canal by the Caldon Canal Society
TYWRM:SUP175bookTom Rolt and the Cressy Years by I Mackersey
TYWRM:SUP176book"Tally-ho, the Talyllyn" by O Prosser in 'The Countryman'
TYWRM:SUP177bookRailway Adventure: A Celebration of Fifty Years of the
TRPS by the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society

TYWRM:SUP178brochureSouvenier brochure on the occasion of the naming of
Locomotive no.7 'Tom Rolt' by the Talyllyn Railway Company

TYWRM:SUP179brochure"The Silent Giants of Cornwall" by R Barker in 'Autocar'
TYWRM:SUP180bookletA Railway Revived by L T C Rolt
TYWRM:SUP181stencilStencils for the TR and Corris waggon fleet. Includes
"Corris Railway" and "Mail Waggon" stencils

TYWRM:SUP182garmentAcrylic jumper issued for the BR (ex LMS Saloon) staff
1985 to 1992

TYWRM:SUP183bookSteam Colour Portfolio - Isle of Man Railway Part 1
TYWRM:SUP184bookThe Cambrian Railways by R.W.Kidner
TYWRM:SUP185bookThe Chester & Holyhead Railway by J.M. Dunn
TYWRM:SUP186bookThe Trains We Loved by Hamilton Ellis
TYWRM:SUP188bookThe Story of the Cambrian by C.P. Gasquoine
TYWRM:SUP189bookThe Light Railway Handbook by R. W. Kidner
TYWRM:SUP190bookWelsh Narrow Gauge Album by P. B. Whitehouse
TYWRM:SUP191photographPhotograph of David Jones at Machynlleth Station working
for W.H.Smith & Sons, 2June 1902

file SUP191.jpg
TYWRM:SUP192mapDavid & Charles reprint of first edition Ordnance
Survey Map Sheet 39 Machynlleth

file SUP192.jpg
TYWRM:SUP193video tapeVHS Video of "The Titfield Thunderbolt"
file SUP193.jpg
TYWRM:SUP194bookOn the Trail of The Titfield Thunderbolt by Simon Castens.
Describes the making of the film.

file SUP194.jpg
TYWRM:SUP195leafletCopy of patent for Wise Train Staff
file SUP195.jpg
TYWRM:SUP196bookletCost Benefit Analysis for the Retention of the Cambrian
Coast Line

file SUP196.jpg
TYWRM:SUP197bookInstructions for Drivers of Industrial Locomotives by
Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co.

file SUP197.jpg
TYWRM:SUP198bookThomas the Privatised Tank Engine by Incledon Clark.
Stories first appeared in "Private Eye".

file SUP198.jpg
TYWRM:SUP199bookGWR Goods Received Register Book
TYWRM:SUP200bookRailway Adventure by L.T.C.Rolt. Signed by the Author
TYWRM:SUP201bookRailway Adventure by L.T.C.Rolt.
TYWRM:SUP202bookMinimum Gauge Railways by Sir Arthur Heywood, Third
Edition 1898

file SUP202A.jpg
TYWRM:SUP203bookFire Queen by Eric Lander
file SUP203.jpg
TYWRM:SUP204bookRails to Glyn Ceiriog by John Milner and Beryl Williams -
The history of the Glyn Valley Tramway Part 1 1857 - 1903

file SUP204.jpg
TYWRM:SUP205guide bookReproduction of The Corris Railway Guide of 1895
file SUP205.jpg
TYWRM:SUP206.1audio unitAudio unit for playback of recordings of Thomas stories
file SUP206.jpg
TYWRM:SUP206.2audio unitAudio unit for playback of recordings of Thomas stories
file SUP206.jpg
TYWRM:SUP207lightsMuseum display lighting
TYWRM:SUP208handbillHandbill advertising a TRPS Model Railway Exhibition at
Southampton on 2 May 1981 featuring 12 layouts including the
Reverend W. Awdry & Ffarquhar Branch

file SUP208.jpg
TYWRM:SUP209works plateReplica works plate for Kerr, Stuart & Co. locomotive
No 4047 of 1921 (TR loco 4)

file SUP209.jpg
TYWRM:SUP210works plateReplica works plate for Falcon Engine & Car Works
locomotive Corris Railway No.3 (TR loco 3)

file SUP210.jpg
TYWRM:SUP211works plateReplica works plate for Fletcher Jennings & Co. as
carried on TR locomotive No.2

file SUP211.jpg
TYWRM:SUP212nameplateReplica nameplate "Dolgoch" as carried on TR locomotive

file SUP212.jpg
TYWRM:SUP213nameplateReplica works plate for Talyllyn Railway coach No.9
"Rebuilt Pendre Works 1968"

file SUP213.jpg
TYWRM:SUP214bookLTC Rolt, A Bibliography
file SUP214.jpg
TYWRM:SUP215bookLocomotive Engine Driving by Michael Reynolds, 3rd Edition

TYWRM:SUP216folderCambrian Coast Railway souvenir pack containing
reproductions of documents and photographs relating to the

file SUP216.jpg
TYWRM:SUP217bookPicturesque Wales - A Handbook of Scenery Accessible from
the Cambrian Railways by Godfrey Turner

file SUP217.jpg
TYWRM:SUP218bookA Sapper in Flanders 1914-1919
file SUP218.jpg
TYWRM:SUP219paintingOil painting "Morning in the Yard" by J.W.Lines
file SUP219.jpg
TYWRM:SUP220.1nameplateReplica nameplate for Airservice Constructional Corps No.1
as carried by TR locomotive No.6.

file SUP220.jpg
TYWRM:SUP220.2nameplateReplica nameplate for Airservice Constructional Corps No.1
as carried by TR locomotive No.6.

file SUP220.jpg
TYWRM:SUP221bookGossiping Guide to Wales, 1896. Part 1 - North Wales and

file SUP221.jpg
TYWRM:SUP222recordgramaphone record, 331/3 rpm LP600 "The Old Lady drives to
Dolgoch" by Bill Hartley, recorded in 1960

file SUP222.jpg
TYWRM:SUP223clockWall clock marked Watkins, Derby
file SUP223.jpg
TYWRM:SUP224bookRails to Glyn Ceiriog by John Milner and Beryl Williams -
The history of the Glyn Valley Tramway Part 2 1904 - 1937

file SUP224.jpg
TYWRM:SUP225bookSteam from Lowca: A History of the Rise and Fall of
Locomotive Building at Lowca Foundry 1840 - 1921 by Ian Kyle

file SUP225.jpg
TYWRM:SUP226bookSouthwold Railway Centenary booklet marking 100 years
since the opening of the railway issued on 24th September

file SUP226.jpg
TYWRM:SUP227bookTalyllyn & Corris Steam Locomotives Volume 1 by Martin

file SUP227.jpg
TYWRM:SUP228bookNarrow Gauge Branch Lines: Douglas - Laxey - Ramsey by Tom

file SUP228.jpg
TYWRM:SUP229bookNarrow Gauge Branch Lines: Douglas to Peel by Tom

file SUP229.jpg
TYWRM:SUP230bookNarrow Gauge Branch Lines: Douglas to Port Erin by Tom

file SUP230.jpg
TYWRM:SUP231bookNarrow Gauge Branch Lines: Douglas to Ramsey by Tom

file SUP231.jpg
TYWRM:SUP232bookOn the Narrow Gauge by P.B Whitehouse 1964
file SUP232.jpg
TYWRM:SUP233bookThe Narrow Gauge Railway Museum by J.I.C.Boyd file SUP233.jpg
TYWRM:SUP234bookThe Tal-y-llyn Railway by Lewis Cozens file SUP234.jpg
TYWRM:SUP235bookletThe Narrow Gauge Railway Museum - Description and
Membership Form
file SUP235.jpg