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Record numberObject simple nameBrief DescriptionImage
TYWRM:MOD002model1/16 scale model of Talyllyn Railway locomotive "TALYLLYN"
file MOD002.jpg
TYWRM:MOD004model5 in. gauge model of Aberllefenni slate slab wagon
file MOD004.jpg
TYWRM:MOD005model00 gauge model, cased, of Virgin Trains electric
locomotive "TALYLLYN", re-dedicated to commemorate fifty
years of the TRPS in 2001.

file MOD005.jpg
TYWRM:MOD006model5in gauge live steam model of Talyllyn Railway locomotive
No. 4 "Edward Thomas".

file MOD006.jpg



Record numberObject simple nameBrief DescriptionImage
TYWRM:SIG001staff machineTyers electric key token instrument, colour red, profile A
No. 700, GWR type, one red token

file SIG001.jpg
TYWRM:SIG002staff machineWebb Thompson train staff instrument, Railway Signal Co.,
profile B, serial 978, staffs blue (none)

file SIG002.jpg
TYWRM:SIG003staff machineMiniature electric train staff instrument, Railway Signal
Co., profile D, colour yellow, serial S 10773, 8 staffs

file SIG003.jpg
TYWRM:SIG004telegraphTelegraph instrument marked 'BRITTAN AND FOREMAN MAKERS
LONDON', stamped 'MR Co. 1884'

file SIG004.jpg
TYWRM:SIG005telegraphtelegraph instrument
file SIG005.jpg
TYWRM:SIG007bellbell marked 'R.E.Thompson and Co.'
TYWRM:SIG008gongSignal box gong
file SIG008.jpg
TYWRM:SIG011staffsthree miniature electric train staffs, profiles A, B and
D., Railway Signal Co.

file SIG011.jpg
TYWRM:SIG012staffprototype combined METS and key, profile C, colour yellow,
Railway Signal Co.

file SIG012.jpg
TYWRM:SIG013signal finialfinial, Stevens, from lattice signal post
file SIG013.jpg
TYWRM:SIG014.1staff machineWebb and Thompson staff machine
TYWRM:SIG014.2staff machineWebb and Thompson staff machine S10535
file SIG014-2.jpg
TYWRM:SIG015repeaters2no. lamp repeaters, wooden cases
file TEMP061.jpg
TYWRM:SIG016staff token loopstaff token loop, leather
file TEMP077.jpg
TYWRM:SIG017bellBell with tapper file SIG017.jpg
TYWRM:BR002.1tablet instrumentTyers tablet instrument No. 6. Tablets marked 'Cliffe
Sharnal Street', All Hallows-on-Sea Branch, Isle of Grain

file BR002-1.jpg
TYWRM:BR002.2tablet instrumentTyers tablet instrument No. 6. Tablets marked 'Cliffe
Sharnal Street', All Hallows-on-Sea Branch, Isle of Grain

file BR002-2.jpg
TYWRM:BR002.3tablet instrumentparts for Tyers tablet instruments No. 6.(BR002.1 and

file BR002-2.jpg



Record numberObject simple nameBrief DescriptionImage
TYWRM:MIS001railIron plateway rail 4 ft. long, from wharf on Llangollen
canal at Sun Trevor bridge. c.1800

file MIS001.jpg
TYWRM:MIS002railPlateway rail, Dean Forest Tramway type, provenance

file MIS002.jpg
TYWRM:MIS003railPlateway rail 3 ft. long, provenance unknown
file MIS003.jpg
TYWRM:MIS004railPlateway rail 3 ft. long, provenance unknown
file MIS004.jpg
TYWRM:MIS005railPlateway turnout plate from the foot of the Walton Summit
Incline on the Lancaster Canal Tramroad

file MIS005.jpg
TYWRM:MIS006railPlateway turnout plate, 3 ft. long, provenance unknown
file MIS006.jpg
TYWRM:MIS007wheelFragment of wheel rim and spoke, flangeless, provenance

file MIS007.jpg
TYWRM:MIS008lamp postCast iron fluted lamp standard marked "DE WINTON 1857"
complete with lantern.

file MIS008.jpg
TYWRM:MIS009ticketsCollection of tickets: CDRJC, 23; FR, 48; WHR, 32; SandL,
2; LandLS, 105; LMS (NCC), 8; SLandNCR, 29; TR, 154.

TYWRM:MIS010works plateReplica works plate marked "ANDREW BARCLAY 719/1987",
oval, brass. A copy of the plate on Army Locomotive NG50.

file MIS010.jpg
TYWRM:MIS011footstepCast iron carriage footstep marked "KERR STUART and Co,

file MIS011.jpg
TYWRM:MIS012works plateMaker's plate marked "BEYER PEACOCK and Co. Ltd.

file MIS012.jpg
TYWRM:MIS013trolleyGPO two wheel sack trolley
file MIS013.jpg
TYWRM:MIS014weighing machineAvery weighing machine with balance arm
file MIS014.jpg
TYWRM:MIS015ticketsAlbum of Talyllyn Railway tickets 1935 - 1970
TYWRM:MIS016ticketsTR tickets pre1948-14; 1948-50-170; 1951-53-300; BR
specials to Towyn and Irish ng - 21

TYWRM:MIS017ticket machineLondon Transport Platform Ticket Machine
file MIS017.jpg
TYWRM:MIS018costumeWelsh costume of Hannah Evans
file MIS018.jpg
TYWRM:MIS019tickets36 Fairbourne Ry pre-decimal paper tickets and 1 RHandDR
TYWRM:MIS020tickets45 Talyllyn Ry tickets
TYWRM:MIS021.1ticketTalyllyn Railway ticket 0012, dated 4.6.1951. Dolgoch Half
fare Return 1/-

file MIS021-1.jpg
TYWRM:MIS021.2ticketTalyllyn Railway ticket 9272, dated 10.8.1953. Wharf to
Abergynolwyn Adult Return 2/6

TYWRM:MIS021.3ticketTalyllyn Railway ticket 2237, dated 22.8.1962. Dolgoch
Adult Single 2/-

TYWRM:MIS021.4ticketTalyllyn Railway ticket 2239, dated 22.8.1962. Dolgoch
Adult Single 2/-

TYWRM:MIS022ticketsTickets from Irish narrow gauge railways collected by Eric
Russell 1939-40

TYWRM:MIS023ticketsColour copies of 124 TR tickets in NRM
TYWRM:MIS024ticketsColour copies of tickets in NRM - Corris, Southwold,
Lynton and Barnstaple, WHR

TYWRM:MIS025ticket machineAssociated Automation Platform Ticket Machine, painted red
and cream

file MIS025.jpg
TYWRM:MIS026lantern"Westminster" type, formerly gas (4 burner) but now
converted to electricity

file MIS026.jpg
TYWRM:MIS027works plateworks plate from Super Sentinel No. 7701 NUTTY
TYWRM:MIS028noticeLevel Crossing notice as used at Brynglas 1952
file MIS028.jpg
TYWRM:MIS029lampsmall handlamp with blinder, oil burner, clip and wire
handles fluted vent on top

file MIS029.jpg
TYWRM:MIS030lampoil handlamp possibly by Hetherington of Birmingham
file MIS030.jpg
TYWRM:MIS031lampoil handlamp converted to candle by J Cowdy, London
file MIS031.jpg
TYWRM:MIS032telephoneWall telephone, GPO pattern
file MIS032.jpg
TYWRM:MIS033telephonewall telephone and bell
file MIS033.jpg
TYWRM:MIS034tickets19no. Talyllyn Ry tickets; 27no. Welshpool and Llanfair
Railway tickets; 16no. Festiniog Railway tickets; 2no. Great
Orme Railway tickets; 6no. Festiniog Railway parcel stamps;
2no. British Railways tickets

file MIS034.jpg
TYWRM:MIS035tickets30 tickets from Welsh NG Railways dated 1963
TYWRM:MIS036bookWalkers "Kenbury" ring book containing a collection of
narrow and standard gauge railway tickets

TYWRM:MIS037record45rpm record of "Great Trains of Wales" by The Hennessy
TYWRM:MIS038coasterSet of 6 Welsh railway coasters
TYWRM:MIS039ticket1TR ticket 1948 series and 1 Merthyr Tram ticket (pre
1939) collected by E H Jones

file MIS039A.jpg
TYWRM:MIS040ticket17 IOM tickets; 1 WLLR ticket, 3 CDR tickets collected by
D Mitchell

TYWRM:MIS041button1 large GWR and 1 each of large, medium and small Cambrian
Railways uniform buttons

TYWRM:MIS042posterGreat Little Trains of Wales poster with map and colour
photos of six railways.

file MIS042.jpg
TYWRM:MIS043posterGreat Little Trains of Wales poster with artist's
impressions of the railways.

file MIS043.jpg
TYWRM:MIS044posterLlechwedd Slate Caverns poster depicting artist's
impression of the tramway train.

file MIS044.jpg
TYWRM:MIS045railT rail point blade - origin unknown
file MIS045.jpg
TYWRM:MIS046ticket11 Narrow Gauge Railway Museum tickets
TYWRM:MIS047patternBar rail crossing wooden pattern - manufacturer unknown
file MIS047.jpg